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At first, use the owls (press "o") to find matching pairs, and remember their position. The next time you play, you can quickly find and remove them on your own and save the owls for later.

The key to beating the time is to keep playing the same level over again, remembering the moves made in the previous game, and thereby increasing your speed.

Many people play more quickly using the cursor keys instead of the mouse.

Start the game in window mode (by deselecting "Full Screen" in the game's "Settings"), so you have this level help page and the game on the screen at the same time.

I installed The Curse Of Ra. Why can't I see nor play the Mission Packs?
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To reveal the demo-versions of the mission packs, either:

· Enter your Registration Key for The Curse Of Ra main game.

· Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while you start up the game.

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I have reached a high level. How can go back and re-play one of the previous levels?
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Start the game. Go to "New Game", and when prompted for the password, enter the level number of the previous level you want to play.
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